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Step 1: Clearing of the site
Depending on the nature of the land, there may be soil testing, site-levelling and clearing undertaken prior to actual construction.

Step 2: The slab or base stage
As the name suggests, this is simply when the foundation is laid.

It includes measuring out the design on the site, pouring the footings, under slab drainage, moisture barrier and special mesh for termite protection.

Step 3: Plate and Frame stage
This includes the installation of your internal and external support structure, along with walls, conduit for electrical and plumbing, the roof frame and sheeting, gutters and insulation.

Step 4: Lockup stage
It’s at this point where you can literally start “locking up” the property because your windows, doors and remaining walls will be installed.

It’s also safe for plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and other tradesman to begin fitting out the property.

Step 5: Fit-out or fixing stage
Plumbing, electrical (including lights and powerpoints) and other fixtures and fittings will be installed.

The design features that make the property a home will also be added such as cornices, tiling, cabinets and shelving, reveals and architraves.

Step 6: Practical completion stage
This is basically where all painting, installations and detailing have been completed and you’re effectively ready to move in.

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