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The multi unit development builders of choice throughout Perth.

When deciding on the best decision to make for your investment property, you can’t go past the property development team at 1stHaus. As a premier townhouse and unit development company, we are proud to assist our clients in reaching their goals with our expert knowledge. Our comprehensive range of services offers you the freedom to choose a development that not only fits your budget, but also aligns with your goals and objectives.

A builders eye view of the property market

Our many years of industry experience gives us the insight and experience needed to guide you through developing and selling unit developments and townhouses in Perth. With our help, you can choose the perfect location and design for your needs, ensuring that you receive the best return on your investment. We are proud to approach each development opportunity with a comprehensiveness that puts our clients at ease. After all, we know that your primary concern is for a quick, professional sale or letting that leads to a profitable property investment and you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re working towards that every step along the way.

Providing quality Townhouse and unit development

Our excellent project management skills ensure every build is delivered on time and on budget. We work closely with real estate agents and architects/designers in the local market and have the insight to advise our clients on how to attract the best buyers for your sale.

Our view is very current, and we regularly research new products and trends in property. Our experience ensures your confidence in what we deliver as your trusted townhouse and unit development builders.

Talk to our professionals today

Interested in finding out how we can help you achieve your property development goals throughout Perth? Contact our team of experts on 08 6111 3308 today to learn more about our services and why we are one of the leading builders in the Perth metro area.

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